TRAVESSIA - Centre for Global South Studies and Research, conducts and promotes researches that discuss global dynamics of power traversed by relations on the spheres of culture, media, aesthetics and politics, which we experience in contemporary times, taking the complexities of the “global south” as a starting point. The objective is to (re)cognize practices and ways of life relative to what is to be understood as “south”.

TRAVESSIA has, as an important starting point, the former colonies of the so called “western world”, with all of its potencies and contradictions. Our intention, when understanding the Global South as an “ex-centric” territory, is to propose ways of thinking and reading the experiences of this territory.

TRAVESSIA, created and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Fernando Resende, is hosted by Federal Fluminense University’s Graduate Programme in Communication (PPGCOM). It is a centre that conducts not only researches, but also the participation and organisation of seminars, workshops and congresses. Academic mobility, book editing and the publishing of scientific articles on books and journals, both national and international, are also encompassed by TRAVESSIA’s scope of actions.